Friday, May 18, 2007

Comment Replies

Ah... So there may be something wrong with my account. Artblog says there is always an email with the comments, but that isn't true for me. On the comment emails I get there is no way to reply - the email address literally says So when I reply to it I get a bounce-back.

Do any other Blogger people have this noreply problem? Do you get something else from your comment emails?

Thanks for the answers so far!!!


K said...

I have the same exact question and the same exact problem, so I'm so glad you asked about it! I usually just post another comment in my own comments section to answer the question - but I worry the won't see it. How often do I go back and read the new comments on a post after I myself have left a comment? Almost never. I'll be checking back to see if anyone has good advice about this!! Thanks!

Artblog said...

Oh, that's a pain!

I have a wordpress account so maybe that's why.

Other wise you could follow back to the commentors blog and pick up their email address from there?

Unless anyone else knows a bot more than me about blogger?