Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thank You Reproductive Jeans!!!

I just found Bloglines - thanks to Reproductive Jeans' post on, I think, Bumble's blog... Can't be sure since I've read ALL my favorite blogs tonight PLUS all the comments. :O

ANYWAY - I just signed up for Bloglines and I am so totally in love with it!!!! Imagine - one place to look for updates from all your IF Friends! Wooo Hoo!!! Seems simple if you know it exists, almost a "DUH!" kind of simple, but there we are!

Thanks Reproductive Jeans!!!!! :)

Oh, and if you haven't seen it, Reproductive Jeans also had a cool idea - a Picture Page kind of blogginess. So here goes... I totally stole the description from her...

So since we are all connected in the IF journey, whether we have come out on the other side, or are just beginning--for those who are interested, let's share a few visuals of who we are. It will go a little something like this:

  • Since many of us are finding refuge in blog land and wish not to share our personal information (picture of our faces/spouses/partners/pets etc) this picture does not have to be that personal. But it can be if you wish. You can designate which you prefer when you take on this little project.
  • What I am asking to build my Pic Page, is that you comment on this entry and ask me to take a picture of something in my life that you might like to see: examples being my closet, my favorite pair of shoes, my laundry room, inside my fridge, the view from my front door. Then I will have a nice post of pictures from what each person has asked to see.

Make sense? They are silly little things, but the little things are what count right? Feel free to post this in your blog (see, she gave me permission to steal!!!)! This is a 'tag' game-- if you want to do it, just simply ask your readers to help you create a Pic Page!

So here goes ladies - what would you like to see/know about me?


Carlynn said...

Your handbag! I love handbags and I love looking at photos of them.

Samantha said...

I am a great fan of bloglines too. It has made keeping track of blogs so much easier!

How about pictures of Humphries and Cocoa?